Workin' it out

Vapor's 3.JPG
Vapor's 1.JPG
                                                                        Shoes:  Nike Vapormax         Hoodie:  Unknown            Bottoms:  Nike 

                                                                        Shoes: Nike Vapormax        Hoodie: Unknown           Bottoms: Nike 

Let's hear it for the "Thrift Quuueen!" Me of course! I have to pat myself on the back for this one y'all. So, you might not believe me but I went thrift shopping this month and ran across these Multi-Colored Nike Moc Vapormax's! Wait, theres more...they were BRANDDDDD NEW, never worn, ORIGINAL ( no knock off's here!) and came with the ORIGINAL box too! I really couldn't believe it. How in the world could someone donate a pair of brand new Vapor's for free ??? Needless to say, that happens to us thrift shoppers sometimes. Every blue moon, the "Thrift Fairy" comes along while were searching through piles of God's of what to bless us with the holy grail, the gem, the "omg, I can't believe my eyes!"  I have to be truthful, those type of finds is what keeps the me going...that's what keeps me excited! Thrift shopping is like a treasure hunt, and the treasure chest is that super rare item that's worth a lot of dough! I treat thrift shopping like a entertaining game now that I'm seasoned. I'm always thinking "Hmmm... what can I find today that will knock my socks off?" And I swear, I always find something that makes me ( and my bank account) smile. My partner says I have the "Eye of the Tiger" when it come to thrift shopping, but I like to call it " Right place, right time, right price!"