Too Lit

Shirt:   Buffalo Exchange        Pants:   CrossRoads Trading Co.          Shades:   Stylists Own      Hat:    Yesstyle       Shoes:  Zara           Shades :  Buffalo Exchange

Shirt:  Buffalo Exchange       Pants:  CrossRoads Trading Co.         Shades:  Stylists Own     Hat:   Yesstyle      Shoes: Zara          Shades : Buffalo Exchange

Do you remember when Aaliyah, Left Eye, and Da Brat use to master the art of being sexy while effortlessly donning baggy pants, men's t-shirts and baseball caps? What was even more amazing was how men responded to them. Men STILL saw them as attractive, beautiful, confident, and sexy.  There was hardly any skin showing, and if there were, it was mostly midriff action (which still had a hint of masculinity with the six packs in all.)  I grew up in that era and I have to honestly say the tomboy style is somewhat a lost art. I've only met a handful of girls in my life time that pull this androgynous look off.  The key is to have...drumroll please....BALANCE and CONFIDENCE! You have to let your inner tomboy out to slay! 


Wardrobe Tip of the Day: To successfully pull of the "Sexy -Tomboy" look, focus on balance. Let your heels, make up, and confidence be your Feminine energy to tie the look effortlessly together. Not feeling the heels? Then opt for a girly perfume scent ( i.e Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf) and a dope purse/ handbabg! 

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