Pony up


Jean overall dress:  Vintage (1990)         Long Jean button up:  GAP           Belt:   Anne Taylor            Shoes : Tory Burch          Jewelry : Buffalo Exchange

Jean overall dress: Vintage (1990)        Long Jean button up: GAP          Belt:  Anne Taylor           Shoes: Tory Burch         Jewelry: Buffalo Exchange


90's vibe in full effect! Who remembers overalls? Well, I'm not sure what year you were born, but overalls was a CONSTANT staple in my closet when I was younger. Somehow, some way, they seemed to take the back seat to other clothing fads, slowly slipping out of our wardrobes.  If it's one thing that makes me all "feel a certain kinda way", it's 90's clothing. Girls wearing baggy pants, Bamboo-hoop earrings, biker shorts and Track jackets mixed with bright colors was certainly a sight to see. That's why I'm LOVING this vintage 90's overall long jean dress.  ( Try saying that 10 times fast!lol) I feel like I'm coasting in the year 1995 and taking in all the authentic glory. The tan statement belt gives this long flowy dress shape and the embellished heels add to the richness. The slit pockets gives off that " Down-to-earth/Roundaway girl" vibe.  As you guys know, it gets pretty cold at night here in the Bay Area, so I decided to pair this outfit with a long-sleeved GAP button-down shirt that ties in the front. Perfect for those cool nights where you just want to drape something cute over your shoulders and keep it movin'. The "jean on jean" look worked perfectly for this outfit...now all we need is a dinner date and cocktails with the girls, because this outfit MUST get the admiration it deserves!