Blues, Teals, and Dreams

There is something about warm weather that makes you totally feel like JUST CHILLIN'! And that's exactly what I did this weekend. Kickin' back and going with the flow is a must if you live in the land of the "Cool" as I so affectionally call California. But It's very important that you wear the right attire that will serve both comfort and style while you officially kick back. Since it was 80 degrees today ( This is what heaven feels like I suppose!)  I decided to rock  a teal free flowing dress, gold accents and spiced it up a pair of crocodile sling back sandals. I knew I was going to the beach, so I kept the jewelry and makeup to a minimum... trust me ladies, the last thing you want to do is feel bogged down and heavy in such a light and relaxed environment. Make sure you have a pair of dope shades to protect you from not only the sun, but to add a little mysteriousness to your outfit. 

Side bar: While me and the boyfriend were enjoying the much needed view of the breathtaking ocean, the cutest little girls started to approach us ( ages ranged from 5-13) . The blond one with pig tails made it to us  first. She had on the most adorable ice-cream one piece  swimsuit! She asked "Ummm...we saw you taking pictures...what is it for?" I was so taken aback by her boldness I actually stuttered, but managed to get out "Well, the pictures are for my fashion blog." She smiled. At this point she signaled for the rest of her crew, and they all came running over. She then said " We just wanted to tell you that you look pretty and we really like what your wearing!" Now I'm conversating with 8  beautiful little girls who I felt  at that moment  looked up to me. It's moments like this that make me push through, forge forward and just pray to God that he will lead me on the path that he has set out for me. When times get hard, when bills pile up and you have no idea how your going to possibly pay them, when your unsure of your future and the days seem entirely too long...don't, I repeat don't give up...because you never know who is admiring you from afar.

Dress: Forever 21            Sandals:  H&M             Watch: Daniel Steinburg            Earrings: DOT            Arm Cuff: Vintage    Bracelet: Vintage 

Shades: Michael Kors 

Here is something similar to what I wore below...enjoy!