Photo by: Rod Durant

                                           About Me


Q.) Who are you and where are you from? 

A.) I am a true "Bayarian" ( Born and raised in Berkeley, CA) a fashion stylist, sister, aunt and a lover of all things Rose Gold and Chocolate! 

Q.) Christian, please tell us why you chose thrift shopping as a career?

A.) For me, thrift shopping is both challenging and rewarding. I like things that challenge me; it helps me stay sharp. It’s really easy to walk into a department store and say, “Oh, I want to buy the outfit that mannequin is wearing!” Or, “Can you please find me this top in size medium?” But with thrift store shopping, what you see is what you get! There are no other sizes or color options, each item is a unique piece. Thrift store outfits aren’t curated and neatly styled on a mannequin, you have to select each item and create a masterpiece all by yourself.

Q.) What is your first fashion memory?

A.)  Hmmm...that's a good one! I have never been asked this question before...let's see....I would have to say playing dress up with my cousins at my aunt Patricia’s house. She was a fashion designer/model and her closets were bursting at the seams with exotic furs, sequins, amazing hats and the most elaborate high heels one could ever find! She would play RuPaul's hit song  "Supermodel" (You Better Work) and we would sashay ourselves down the imaginary runway like we were Naomi Campbell. She would cheer, rave and egg us on! I had so much fun! So, from the age of 7,  I knew how to put together a meeeeean outfit that would get other's attention. 

Q.) In your opinion, what is the fashion industry missing nowadays?

A.) This answer may sound repetitive, but I would have to say people of color, people from different backgrounds, and people from different cultures. Even though we are well into the 21st century, it still seems like only one group of people is well-represented in the fashion industry. I want people of color to have the same opportunities in this industry that their non-colored counterparts receive on a daily basis. Be it in modeling, design, consulting, styling, buying, or blogging. It all ties together. Each role carries a common denominator, a common purpose: fashion. The day that each and every culture is equally represented with the same passion, vigor, and tenacity is the day fashion will morph into something bigger than fabric and a runway.

Q.) Which celebraties has the best style to you?

A.)  If we're talking old school…Dianna Ross, Cher, Grace Kelly, and Grace Jones.  Today's heavy hitters...Rihanna, Tracy Ellis Ross and A.S.A.P Rocky. The Next generation…Zendaya, Skai Jackson, and  actor Jahking Guillory.

Q.) Define what fashion is to you

A.) Fashion, to me, is life. Fashion is therapeutic. Fashion is a good feeling; positive vibes. You know that feeling you get when you put on that perfect dress? The one that makes you feel like a million bucks, even when you only have $10 to your name? Now that’s fashion! On the flip side, fashion, in terms of "style," is also picky. You either have it or you don’t.

Q.)  Sneakers or High heels?    

A.) Both! I get bored easily so I have to switch it up! 

Q.) How are you going to save the world through fashion?

A.) Many people think fashion is something frivolous, something lacking true meaning and purpose. That just isn't the case. Fashion is an extension of our identity as human beings. Our individual identities can easily be linked to our self-confidence. Be it the first female president, a surgeon who saves lives, a biochemist who discovers the cure for cancer, a supreme court judge who weighs the pros and cons of life-changing laws, all of these professional and powerful women must have one thing in common: a healthy sense of self-confidence! So whether I'm styling a recent law school graduate for her first interview or a new mom who just wants to reclaim her social life, I’m instilling the art of knowing 'who one truly is' and 'how powerful and influential' she can be.